Darko Schneider

Numbers conceal the origins of the world! Not only that everything comes to being from a number, but everything that is shaped is contained in numbers. Rows, ribbons, fields, rectangles. Shapes and surfaces, sequences and interchanging features. Therefore, count carefully. Enumerate leniently! Do not utter numbers in vain, because they are spoken names, and if they ooze out, the abundance of their secrets is diminished.

Indeed, the relation to the esoteric is not exhausted in the redundancy of the return to the converted figure. Oh, that proselytizing proximity! Apparition or reality? I would rather say that every disclosure de-sanctifies. Just suppose that numbers are symbols for inscribing the internal, while colors are their external readings. They are the consequence of a separate and individual measure, the unfolding of selected reduction. Sequencing and assembling, to the same extent psychological, philosophical, and symbolical: red of the twofold purifying fire; blue of sinking into dreams and sleep; green as the robe of human hope. As if everything were happening for the last and the first time. Isopsephy; a way of finding a hidden meaning? A geometrical key to selected numbers or reflected colors? Spiritualization threatened with extinction!

Still, the expressed order is a ready trap. Picelj’s frame for a scene excepted from chaos. Order in disorder! A grid through whose rectangular cells oblong disorder rushes forward. A network of blue rain verticals and red horizon lines. Nodes of black time! An upright wood of the celestial and a well of the earthly. All or nothing on a board of different order.

Finally, we could discover the intention of reading and not only of writing the interpretation of Picelj’s Eight Measured Deflections or Eight Variations on the topic of magical ribbon. A blink and a change! In the sum of added space and spaced out time. Stretches of changeable proportion of cognizance and belief. Why not: of sense and sensibility. I say, reached balance, because extension transcends the boundaries of its number, doubles the effect of parallel ribbon’s color, of another and supplementing clear field, so that interpunction of their entirely human characteristics can be punctuated. This is a diagram of an individual’s qualities and not the abundance of the mass. It is the color of the resin eternity is immersed in.

Foreword to
the Variations Print Portfolio